Saturday, August 18, 2007

On The Road Again

On The Road Again
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Off to visit Australia again. Going to the gold coast this time as part of my birthday celebration. I am getting tired of flying though. Its such a hassle. Now even though you have a baby with you the airline/customs/security - you name it - feel they have the right to be jerks. Last time we went to Australia the security people were complete asses and dare I accuse them of racial profiling? They took T away and completely searched him in another room without even telling me leaving me alone in the airport with the baby while they dumped out every little thing in my diaper bag and made comments about everything like "why do you need this?" I don't know buddy, chances are kids need FOOD. I was angry and when I get angry I get sarcastic so luckily I managed to calm myself down before I got myself arrested. Anyway, I didnt mean to gripe here just saying why I am not looking forward to airline travel ps dont fly Pacific Blue, it's like the href="">Fung Wah Bus of the sky.

We are leaving in 6 hours and I am sooo tired. Baby girl hasnt been sleeping well for the past two nights. Every few hours she has woken up in a screaming fit. T sleeps right through it like he is dead so leave it to mommy to have to deal with her. Right now she is sleeping in bed with him since I picked her up around 5 am and stuffed her in bed with us. That calmed her down enough to get her to sleep. I hope this isnt going to be a regular deal with her because I am getting very grumpy from lack of sleep. We are also trying to find a new house to live in. Our lease is up soon and we could renew at this house but I am thinking our best bet is a newer house. This one is rather old and moldy and the street in front is VERY busy. I would rather live somewhere more quiet. I do like our neighbor though so I might miss him. I dont think its a good idea to not move cause I like my neighbor overall but neighbors are a big thing.

On another topic, I keep telling T about the New Zealand bird "Pukeko" The Pukeko, or New Zealand Swamp Hen is a member of the rail family, and is similar to other species found all over the world. It is one of the few New Zealand native birds to have flourished since the arrival of man, and can be found in almost any grassland area, especially in swampy locations. Groups will often be seen foraging for food in road-side areas. (
T has never seen one since we moved here and I keep telling him about the big blue chickens I see from time to time and he didnt believe me. So we were out looking at possible new houses to live in and we found one we liked alot though the neighborhood is completely shabby, however, there is an estuary near the end of the road and lo and behold there was a whole group of Pukeko's. Of course I didnt have my camera but at least he got to see one and can now stop making fun of me. yay!

Talk to you when I get back from OZ

New Zealandism of the Day:

Spoiled For Choice ~ As usual, not really sure of the meaning but think it means you have alot of choices which you really dont in New Zealand. I was telling a NZ friend of mine a few weeks ago that its so wierd to stand in the supermarket and want pickles but there is only a few jars of pickles and not any brand I know whereas in the US I would want pickles and there would be practically an aisle of them of all different textures and flavors and regions so maybe I am spoiled for choice. who knows?