Sunday, September 24, 2006

Turned 10 Months Old Today!!

PARTY! I didn't take a photo of her today though because her poor face looks so painful with a bad outbreak of excema. It must hurt her so badly. I try everything and it just doesn't go away. The doctor isnt hardly any help.

At least, Meggy seemed to have a happy day. In the morning she got to play with Grandpa and have toast and biscuits. Then we went downstairs and played games. I was teaching her a cirque du soleil move by having her leap off the ottoman into my arms. She is so amazing and flexible with no hint of fear. She also kissed me first thing this morning. She has never done that before. It was soo cute.

We watched a little My Neighbor Totoro, then played some games. Mostly games involving her jumping and trying to break her neck in some way. Grandma came to get her and her and Grandpa took her for a walk. She got two birthday presents, A pack of scooby doo playing cards she can mess up - she has a thing for cards - and a giant package of diapers. Grandpa let her have a taste of his strawberry Italian ice and she loved it. She played in Great Grandma's room for a little while. She gets alot of love, that's for sure. There is no lack of that. Sometimes I worry about not enough variation of people or lack of something more stimulating in her environment instead of a group of old non active people.

Daddy called in the evening to talk to her and wish her happy birthday. He says he will come be with us for her first birthday. He will be a total stranger to her. I hope this all works out for us. I really do.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

First Steps

Look! Daddy! She can stand up
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Little Bird took her first couple steps today. It was amazing. She was standing like she has learned to do and actually walked her way only holding on to the table part of the time over to her grandma. I was so proud of her!

I woke up yesterday morning with a diaper stuck to my face. It was a clean diaper, I must have set it on my bed for some reason and was so tired I didnt notice it was there.

This morning baby girl woke up in a happy mood. We went upstairs and hung out with Grandma in the back yard. A guy came to fix the furnace and kept telling me how beautiful she was. As if I don't know already. lol. She hasnt been drinking as much formula lately. She had some crackers, corn, teething biscuits for food today besides formula. I need to start putting her on a regular eating schedule. I have been very bad about that.

We did go on a trip to the grocery store. She liked it at first but then she got grouchy. I think her teeth hurt her very badly. She has another 2 teeth coming through.

One funny thing she started doing that cracks me up, when you say "YAY" she claps her hands. She also played in her empty baby bath tub for awhile. Using it like a boat almost. Maybe she wanted to take a bath? Taka thinks I should bathe her everyday but the doctor said not to because of her eczema.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Standing Up

Meggy learned to stand up. Now she stands up and claps so everyone has to look at her and she makes sure you pay attention until she falls down on her pamper padded butt. I told her I am not going to clap for 20 minutes when she has learned to stand up that long. I probably will though.

Standing has created alot of new problems though. Now she can reach the top of low bureaus and tables. Now she can pull things down on her head. Now she can crack her head on a whole new dimension of things. I just had to stop writing so I could watch her put a rubber duck in her mouth and stand up. It's funny how she spends all day working so hard at this new skill. She can't possibly get any cuter....but then she does! I wonder how long it will take her to figure out how to walk. Is it a long step between standing and walking? Meagan, don't drop my journal on the floor!!!! ack