Monday, July 16, 2007


I can do it!
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Hooray! we had one day of sunshine, we managed to get out to the lake. Lately it seems baby girl is growing up so fast my head is spinning. She is taller and more much, much more vocal. She speaks alot, not always in words anyone can understand but her vocabulary is bigger every day. Yesterday she learned the word "chicken" of course we had to hear "chicken" over and over but it was cool.

At the lake, there was a brand new baby slide. All by herself she climbed the steps and slid down all alone without my help. I was so proud of her! She does everything without hesitation, without worry. She is very strong and brave. She slides down, then jumps to her feet and with sparkling eyes begins to clap her hands. What a performance! Take a bow!

We were having fun at the playground but two little girls and a little boy came along and the little boy started throwing dirt all over the place, I kept asking him to stop because I was afraid that Baby girl would get dirt in her eyes but he wouldnt stop. As I grabbed up baby girl and started walking away, his mom came up and apologized. I was glad she apologized but a little supervision might have helped.

Back at home, I went back to the realities of having no dryer. As I always say, at times, its like living in the 1800s with no dryer or other major appliances. I am probably spoiled but you get used to these kind of things. Without a dryer you have to hang your laundry out in the yard and when its very cold like this it doesnt dry! then you bring it inside and it doesnt dry there either because its been raining and everything is wet. All our clothes smell mildewy but a friend of mine suggested putting vinegar in the wash to erase the mildew smell and it worked!!!! Now I dont have to worry about that anymore. Though one of my major wishes is a dryer. Keeping my fingers crossed. Dont make fun of me, lol, I dont know these things. I think I am becoming a different person since I moved here. Maybe it will make me stronger.

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Catlin said...

Hey that's a good tip, about the vinegar. Thanks!