Saturday, July 28, 2007

Who Said Poop?

Feeling Better!
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Baby Girl did! Today, she told me she pooped. First time. Doesnt seem like an occasion for excitement but it really is. Means she is aware of what she is doing and she needs a change.

We went through another round of doctor's visits here. Somehow she managed to pick up some food poisoning. The doctor told me that she is bound to catch more viruses and other fun stuff being new to the area. That gives me something to look forward to. not. I have been spending my time sitting on the couch with her while she sits in a half doze. Thank goodness she got a clean bill of health on Wednesday though she is still a tiny bit weak.

To celebrate, daddy took us out to our favorite fancy Japanese restuarant here. Now that I think about it, perhaps just getting over food poisoning and then celebrating by going out to eat was probably not one of our smarter ideas. She packed in the food though. She is crazy for the tofu there and she ate alot of Daikon radish as well. As a special, special treat we let her have her very first REAL ice cream. Green Tea Ice Cream! My favorite! I don't let her eat many sweets and she had problems with eczema excluding her from dairy for awhile but it seems to be passing so we have let her eat cheese now but anyway, you should have seen her face with the first spoonful of ice cream! This look of utter joy passed over her and she enthusiaticly yelled "MMMMMMM"

She charmed the waitress as she does most everyone she meets so she got her own bowl of ice cream. She realizes chopsticks are for eating with but hasnt got the knack of them but she tries very hard to use them. She mostly stabs her food with them.

Earlier that day we had gone by the 'ol Pack N Save or as we call it The Pack N Slave cause you have to bag your own groceries. We bought a 10 kg bag of potatos but when I opened them today they were completely moldy and sprouted like you wouldn't believe. Today we had to go back and return them, they were nasty.

Which reminds me of a funny story I meant to write awhile ago but I forgot. Some weeks ago we went to Subway and Daddy ordered subs for all three of us and the girl behind the counter couldnt speak english that well and he isnt always readily understandable at times himself. Immediately I noticed the girl behind the counter was Japanese. The two of them limped along trying to get our order done in this terrible mixed up english that had me rolling on the floor because I realized they could speak Japanese and get it right in no time. After minutes of torture, I couldn't stand it anymore and yelled "Just speak to each other in Japanese, sheeh!" and they did and it took a minute to get it all right.

New Zealandism of the Day

Boy Racers - Means exactly that I suppose. The kids racing around in what we usually call "Tuners" Japanese import cars with loud mufflers pretending they are in "The Fast and the Furious" The authorities periodically announce some plan to abolish boy racers.


Catlin said...

Why didn't they speak Japanese top eachother in the first place??

pointybunny said...

LOL catlin, you got me! It was funny for me though. ^^